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Who We Are 
Yan Translation is a Chinese language solution provider based in Shanghai, China; a group of native speakers of professional translators, localizers, senior linguists, and DTP specialists specialized in various fields.
Our clients are coming back to us because we handle every project, no matter what its size is, with experienced translators specialized in that field only; because of our QA system to ensure top quality, and our flexibility with prompt and friendly response.
With our professional efforts, your translation and localization projects will be more successful and cost-effective.

Why Yan Translation 

What is the most important aspect of the global economy?
Very simply, it's understanding those who are involved in international markets. This can be achieved only by the use of top-notch interpreters, translation experts.
Who are the experts?
Again, it's simple. To avoid mis-understandings, make sure that the translation service you use is staffed by native speakers.
Native speakers are aware of all the nuances, the various dialects, the changes in nomenclature, etc. Chinese language is complex, the culture is also complex. The translators at YAN TRANSLATION will help sort out these complexities for your company and make dealing in the Chinese market a viable choice. It's the fastest growing market area in the world with many opportunities for the forward-thinking merchant.
To provide an accurate sense of understanding and expressing the language you need native speakers.  Changing trends are sometimes apparent only to those who live in the country and these changes are paramount to accurate translation. Chinese language is complex; the culture is also complex. The translators at Yan Translation will help sort out these complexities for your company and make dealing in the Chinese market a viable choice. 
Our staff comprises experts in China and experienced professionals in the United States and Europe. Yan Translation is an inter-continental firm and an example of inter-continental cooperation to help you address the barrier of language.
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You can also ask Yan Translation a question about doing business in this great potential market -- simply write to: info@yantrans.com

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