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We welcome the opportunity of collaborating with translation agencies in a joint effort to provide outstanding service to international businesses. Perhaps you haven't noticed the potential of revenue in this field yet. If so, read on.

Chinese is the language most spoken in the world. Chinese economy is growing rapidly, calling attention to the China market and producing some excitement in the world of commerce. As more and more companies are pursuing opportunities in that area, translation service between Chinese and other languages is in great demand. Adding Chinese language into your service scope is a far-seeing and wise decision.

To provide an accurate sense of understanding and expressing Chinese you need native speakers. Changing trends are sometimes apparent only to those who live in the country and these changes are paramount to accurate translation. Yan Translation has a network of experienced translators and proofreaders, all native speakers and experts in various fields. This network helps guarantee the quality of our service. A cooperative effort would enhance the accuracy of our work and make our service really outstanding.

We offer competitive prices and discounts to our regular clients. No project is too small or too large for us. We look forward to a future of mutual benefit between us. Please feel free to write to us for more details:

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